ONN Supports Our Troops


Here at onnnow.com we would like to go on record with the fact that we support our troops. We believe the men and women in the United States military deserve 100% of our support and loyalty. We would also like to go on record that we do not support the war in Iraq or the war in Afghanistan. This does not mean that we do not support our troops, we do 100%. We believe that the best thing that we can do for our troops is to bring them home. We also believe that the majority of our troops would gladly come home, if they were given orders to do so.


Before you morons that believe we are being unpatriotic start up your whining, perhaps you should understand what patriotic means. Patriotism is a love and devotion to one's country. Sending soldiers to be killed in undeclared wars should be considered criminal, not patriotic.


Patriotic does not mean the love of war; it means the love of country. The United States does not love war. The United States has not declared war on another country since World War II.  Here at ONN we love our country. We do not love sending our troops to their death in an undeclared war. It appears that in this case we are the patriots. Politicians that have used military engagements for monetary gains should be tried for war crimes or at the very least murder.


Please be patriotic and support our troops. You can do this by contacting your Congressmen and Senators and tell them to bring our troops home. This would save lives. This would save money. This is in the best interest of our country. If we love our country; we would want what was in its best interest. It is very simple. True patriots oppose these undeclared wars our country is involved in. True patriots are letting their disapproval of this situation be known. Email your representatives today. Tell them to end these ill advised wars. If you would like to share an opinion, as always you may email me at   okthen@onnnow.com .

Thanks for your consideration,

Chief Editor




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