Ron Paul

We here at the Opinionated News Network would like to take this opportunity to officially go on the record with our endorsement of Ron Paul for President in the 2012 election.  We agree with almost everything he says. We seem to have very little in common with any of the other candidates. As far as Obama is concerned ; he has had his chance, and in our opinion does not deserve four more years. 

Ron Paul will end the wars. Ron Paul will do everything he can to stabilize the dollar. He will also pardon nonviolent drug offenders in all of the federal prisons. Ron Paul is against the war on drugs, the FED, and the IRS. He wants to take the government out of our lives. He is strongly opposed and obviously feared by the mainstream media. The elitists that run our country take every opportunity to downplay his credibility. There is too much that you need to know about Ron Paul for me to write it on this page. Please click on his poster below to learn more about Ron Paul.

Thanks for your consideration,

Chief Editor




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