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       The Fox News Channel has a show that airs early each morning called Fox and Friends. I have watched this show on many occasions and was taken by surprise this morning. On the show they often trail out to a commercial with a clip of music from a popular song. It is usually the original artist playing the original hit.

      On Sunday Morning (December 19, 2010) Fox and Friends trailed into a commercial playing a hit song from 1976 recorded by Steely Dan. This song is from The Royal Scam album and it is entitled "Kid Charlemagne". This could quite possibly be my favorite Steely Dan song and that is saying a lot because I am a huge Steely Dan fan. I guess it is the fact that I am so used to hearing the song that the irony of the situation did not sink in for several minutes.

      Fox News is considered by many to be an ultra conservative organization promoting a right wing platform. "Kid Charlemagne" is a  song about a drug dealer. To be more precise it is about an LSD chemist. This is not a subject that is open for debate. If you read the lyrics to the song it is perfectly clear what is being discussed. The writer's themselves (Becker and Fagen) have admitted that the song is loosely based on the exploits of a 1960's San Fransico based LSD chemist.

     If you are wondering what I am making all of the fuss about; the answer is I am not trying to. I laughed out loud at the situation and wondered who Fox News would fire if they knew the content of the song that was being played on their network. It gives me hope that perhaps they are loosening up a bit over there. Perhaps we can look for promos to decriminalize marijuana next.

 "Clean this mess up else we'll all end up in jail
Those test tubes and the scale
Just get it all out of here"

    I have no doubt that the scale mentioned in the lyrics above was balanced. I imagine that is why this song was being played on a fair and balanced network. As  always, you can reply to this article via email at .

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