Mr. President,  

    In 2004 you said that the war on drugs was failing and that you believed marijuana should be decriminalized. In your book you admitted to smoking marijuana and using cocaine. In more than one taped interview you stated that you did inhale in fact you said that was the whole point. In light of all of your own statements, we would like to call your attention to the current situation. If we cannot call your attention to these things at least we can point them out to our faithful readers here at ONN. 

    In 2009, the year you took office in January, police prosecuted 858,408 persons for marijuana violations. These   statistics were released by the FBI in September of 2010. They further report that this is the second highest number of marijuana related arrests in US history. That is almost 100 people arrested for marijuana per hour. 

    Please take a look at the chart from below.


    Mr. President it is hard for many of us to understand how you could allow this to happen while you had a super majority on the hill that would have backed practically anything you wanted to do. I am sure that you were extremely busy and didn't have time to address this issue. However, since over 40% of the adults living in the US have admitted to at least trying marijuana at some time in their life, you may need to make time to give it the attention it deserves. Please allow me to trouble you with a few more facts. Take a look at another chart  from below.

    Now Sir, I must give credit to Mr. Bush for these statistics as they are for 2008. However, you have not given us any reason to believe we will see improvement when the new figures are released. The really sad news is that 89% of the marijuana arrests are for possession only. I can tell from the chart that the government is really cracking down on the meth labs. It is obviously a good plan to have over half of the war on drugs waged against marijuana. It is even more obvious that it is a great idea to target the citizen that possesses marijuana for their own private use. The truth is that it is obvious that we have  either the wrong people in charge or the wrong policies in place, and most likely both.

    It is intolerable to complain about a situation and offer no solution. The easiest solution is this - Legalize and Regulate the growth and distribution of marijuana. The nation could definitely use the tax money. From looking at the chart above we could also reduce the budget for the war on drugs by 50%. Legalizing marijuana is a win/win situation unless of course you are in the group of individuals that profit from it being illegal.

    Mr. President we have seen you cave in on other issues, so we do not expect you to go all the way out on the limb and promote the legalization of marijuana. We would however ask you to remember your youth. Think about getting that first good buzz of the day and step up to the plate for this cause. Now is the time for the decriminalization of marijuana. Possession of a quarter ounce or less should result in a fine not to exceed $100. Possession between a quarter ounce and one ounce should result in a fine not to exceed $250. Possession of less than an ounce of marijuana would not go on the individuals record and no probation or jail time could possibly be involved. Possession of over an ounce of marijuana would result in an arrest as it does now. This would be the law for the entire country and no State, County, Parrish, City or other municipality will have the authority to impose any laws that are more stringent for the possession of marijuana.

    There you go Mr. President, I have the situation solved for you. Just get the Decriminalization of Marijuana Act passed and you will be a hero. Prohibition of alcohol lasted less than 15 years. How long can a man in your position tolerate the injustice of our current laws on marijuana? The answer is less than two more years. The young people got you elected in 2008. The young people are getting busted for possession. The young people will remember in 2012.

    For our readers, please make sure you do remember when the election roles around. The republicans just took control of the house last month. It is probably not a good thing, but the nation is tired of business as usual from the group that promised change. Make sure you take the time to visit You can reach them here. The people over there can provide you with a lot of good information on the subject. They also have contact numbers, emails, and addresses for the people making these unjust laws. Be sure to let the politicians know your opinion. If you want to give me your opinion; the email is .


Thanks for your consideration,

Chief Editor




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