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If you would like to submit an email to be posted on the ONNnow.com website please sent it to postme@onnnow.com . We will screen emails and only post those that would be relevant to subject matter discussed on this website. We will not publish your name or any other personal information. We will post your email address with your email if you request that we do so, in the case that you would like to receive responses to your email.


If you are interested in making a comment concerning one of the editorials please send them to okthen@onnnow.com .


If you have a suggestion for anything you would like to see discussed on the website please send it to suggestions@onnnow.com .


Our staff member's emails are listed below:


Young Anchor - young@onnnow.com


Knoa Hope - knoa@onnnow.com


Chief Editor - chief@onnnow.com




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